Notable Press

A couple of projects I've contributed to have been mentioned in Mashable, the Los Angeles Times, CNET, & TechCrunch. I've also been interviewed on the Failure by Design Podcast.



Review and Assessment of Energy Efficiency Programs and Methods of Measurement + Verification with Regard to Residential Buildings
Gadh, V.; Kavousian, A.; Rajagopal, R.
Seventh Global Conference on Power Control + Optimization, December 2-3, 2013

Systems Theory and Social Networking: Investigation of Systems Theory principles in Web 2.0 Social Network Systems
Gadh, V.
International Journal of Business and Commerce, Sep 2013


Investigation of Diversity of Microbial Metal Transporters in Methane Seep Ecosystems using Metagenomics
Gadh, V.; Glass, J.; Steele, J.; Orphan, V.
Astrobiology Graduate Conference
(Note: research poster won first prize in High School presenter category)


Presence of Resilience, Self-Organization and Hierarchy in Web 2.0
(Written under pseudonym - using middle name as last name - due to privacy concerns relating to young age) Mangal, V.
International Conference on Advancements in Information Technology